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Yes! This website is “Completely Free”, but if you are enjoying it, using it and feel that you would like to contribute a little to help me with expenses for this “Free” website, I would be very appreciative for your kindness! Even just 2 yuan donation transferred into my wechat would be a wonderful help!

Also I am looking for investors to help support the making of my movie , “The Mysterious World of Xiao Zhu Zhu”. Yeah! I need money to do this! I am also looking for Executive Producers, Co-Producers, Director, Film Crew, animators, screenplay co-writers, Actors, Musicians and many others! If you are interested, please contact me!

I am also currently planning to begin printing my books, and begin a motivational speaking tour throughout China to promote the love of learning English, and the awareness of my website and my writing, to help Chinese develop their English language skills. My thoughts are to do this mostly within the schools. So if you are a teacher, department head, Principal or Director please contact me to ask questions and make arrangements.

Another key way to contribute is to help spread my readership would be to recommend www.EnglishGoGoGo.com to your friends, and to your English teachers and anyone you think my benefit, even your grandmother! If everyone was to contact from 2 to 5 others, the readership will expand enormously, not only just in China, but also to Chinese living all over the world who would greatly benefit!
"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body!"
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