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Magnify Productions

Writing my novels has a distinct purpose. This purpose is simply to help Chinese people improve their English language skills. It is my gift to China for giving me such a warm new life here. Over the past seven years I have written ten novels and designed them to help my readers grow from beginner to the advanced level. The response, considering that up to this point I have only used QQ to promote and distribute these novels, has been overwhelming. I have an estimated readership of about 3 million. But now, with the creation of this website I am confident that this will grow substantially. One of the keys to expansion is promotion and coupled with the fact that I am a serious fan of the movies, it just seemed like a natural move, in my overall vision, that a movie would be a perfect way to promote my writing and help the success of Chinese English learning. This idea was the birth of Magnify Productions!

So! Follow me and see how this all develops, from the creating of a screen play, preproduction, production and post production and then of course to distribution. It’s all very exciting and I hope it draws your interest as I share its development as it happens!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
-- Albert Einstein
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