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The Joy of Learning Basic English Conversations

Si si is my sweetheart and my best friend. I met her in a crowded restaurant one evening when she came in to eat, and the only seat available for her was at my table. When she sat down I spoke to her and asked, “What is your name?” Her reply was a simple, “Ting bu dong!” Well! I got out my phone and went to my Wechat page and she joyfully logged on and we were connected. How glorious to have instant translation and the ability to communicate with someone instantly!

It has almost been 2 years together and her English language skills have developed remarkably. So! I thought it would be a perfect idea to make this experience available to my readers by following our conversations from the very beginning. Read and listen and you can grow too! I hope you enjoy this page and visit often!

The recordings will pause after each line to give the reader a brief time to repeat what was just said. This process will greatly help pronunciation skill development and listening skill development.

Beginning ConversationsIntermediate ConversationsAdvanced Conversations
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